COR Emerge Retreat 2016

April 22-24, 2016 - Stevens, PA

Working Professionals Connect, Explore, and Recharge

The weekend was an opportunity to re-examine my life and make note of the adjustments that I want to see take place. It was a space where I felt totally part of a family atmosphere that I had missed so much.  It felt like coming home. - Yoshie M. - New York

From April 22nd to 24th, 39 participants and staff gathered at Refreshing Mountain for the second annual COR Emerge Retreat, a rejuvenating weekend in the Poconos mountains of Pennsylvania.  Attendees came from Virginia, DC, Maryland, PA, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut; their backgrounds included engineering, education, finance, media/marketing, non-profit, and the military.

The weekend was framed around the retreat mission statement: To create an opportunity for people to relax in nature, connect with other working professionals, and delve into and nurture our connections with our community and God.

Activities included hiking, volleyball, round table discussions, insightful presentations, testimonies, and time to relax and reflect. Participants were able to discuss the challenges they’re facing in their careers or lives of faith, and articulate the values that are most important to them. The schedule gave attendees a chance to relax with their peers, share their visions for the future, and connect with one another on a deeper level. Components such as the Saturday evening program left participants “realizing how  valuable community and family are.” - Hana B. - Maryland

For many, it was an “opportunity to evaluate my spiritual journey over the past year, evaluate where I am at today, and learn how other people tackled similar experiences in their soul journeys.” - Randy P. - Pennsylvania.

Participants were encouraged to honor where each individual was at in their journey of growth and discovery, to listen and be inspired by ”the participants: the variety of perspectives shared, and the level of maturity and experience that accompanied each person's story.” - Katya B. - New Jersey.

“It was a place for me to connect with people associated with or formerly associated with the UC movement.  We were atheist, agnostic, Unificationists, and somewhere in between.  It was refreshing to hear their perspectives and I was surprised about what I learned about myself when I opened up. I reconnected with old friends and met lots of new people. - Vanessa S. - Maryland