Meet the COR Board!

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Crescentia currently lives in New Jersey with her husband Leighton and one year old daughter Rose. She works as the Director of the Blessing and Family Ministry for Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA headquarters. Enjoys cooking, dancing, singing, traveling, going for walks, and playing board games. She is passionate about improving the quality of people's marriage and family relationships, and helping people connect to God's love and joy.


Jin Kwon currently lives in Englewood Cliffs NJ with his wife and are expecting a child.  Currently managing several real estate investment properties while also redeveloping properties in NJ and in PA.  Enjoys cycling and mountain biking and rock climbing. He enjoys engaging conversations that expand his horizons and is always looking to learn something new. His passion is to provide people opportunities to discover their passion.

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Joe has lived with his wife and 3 children in Little Falls, New Jersey since 2002.  He has worked in young adult ministry for about 15 years and has taught character education programs in the public schools for over 10 years.  Joe is driven to work with youth and young adults in hopes of supporting them in creating vibrant, joyful and loving communities.  He loves loud & fast music, lunch dates with his wife, messing around with his kids and deep talks about life and saving the world.



Tasnah currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.  She is passionate about creating opportunities for people to discover an authentic relationship with themselves, God, and others.  Thus, she is developing her own business, a platform for retreats, seminars, and these very types of empowering spaces.  She is also pursuing a happy love for wedding planning.  She loves frisbee and running, and spends her free time writing and crafting.




Kester currently lives in Ossining, NY with his wife and two children. He works as a water/wastewater engineer, and does real estate and public speaking on the side. Enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and doing yoga on his lunch breaks. He is the camp director for one week of the Shehaqua summer Family Camp, and is passionate about organizing workshops and giving talks to help people experience the deeper aspects of themselves.